About Us

Ren Chai is a fine dining Chinese restaurant set in an atmosphere that emphasizes elements of nature and contemporary design with seating areas that overlook a refined Asian style garden. Ren Chai offers a large menu of Cantonese specialties and Szechwan delicacies which may be enjoyed with various Chinese cocktails, tea assortments, and other drinks.

The name Ren Chai was derived from an idea in which ancient Chinese philosophers believed. It was said that each individual has three types of luck; Heaven luck ‘Tien Chai’, Earth luck “Ti Chai” and Mankind luck “Ren Chai”, which may be achieved by hard work, perseverance and a positive state of mind. It is believed that a balance of these would bring great fortune.

Ren Chai has a seating capacity of 120 during winter season, with a non-smoking section, which may also be used for private events. During the summer season an outdoor terrace seats up to an additional 100 people, in the midst of a serene and harmonious garden.